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Kettlebell shoes: what should you choose?

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Dig into the world of kettlebell training for more than a few minutes, and you will likely notice some kettlebell enthusiasts preaching about proper footwear.

Most of these "pood-iatrists" hold barefoot training as the best and purist option. They cast an evil eye at anyone who would dare to pick up a kettlebell while wearing crosstrainers.

Their reasoning is sound. Kettlebell training doesn't typically include the jarring impact found in running and therefore does not require all that extra padding and support. More importantly, a thin sole will enable you to feel the ground and create a more stable base for both ballistic and grind drills. Some even say that this direct contact with the ground will activate more foot and leg muscles as a form of accupressure.

All that being said, we recommend a touch of sanity. If you are just starting with kettlebells and not in the greatest shape, the last thing you need to worry about is your shoes. You need to quit obsessing about minor details and pick up that hunk of iron! Any old pair of tennis shoes in your closet will be just fine.

Here are 4 of the most often recommended choices from the purists:

There are certainly many other fine choices out there. If you have another favorite kettlebell training shoe, please post a comment here.

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